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Experienced and Supportive

President, Owner, & Founder

Experienced and Supportive

We offer the widest selection of most useful reasonably priced and outstanding performing products that make our clients smile and come to us to solve every day challenges from maintains their mail, reading their bible, watching television, and more.

The Company You Can Trust

President, Owner, & Founder

Experienced and Supportive

Be as independent as possible through the use of our easy to use well designed and expertly built low vision assistive products.  We specialize in providing the best service and support and practical offering that best meets our clients needs. 

President, Owner, & Founder

President, Owner, & Founder

President, Owner, & Founder

John D Palmer graduated UF in 1985 with a mission having already started at his corporation at age 18 nearly 40 years now! That was and still holds true today - to serve you with the honest true heartfelt compassion and dignity you deserve and not just meet but rather strive to exceed your expectations always and forever!

Meet our brand

Patriot Brand Technologies

It's no wonder why our brand has been growing so fast through out the world. We are the only IOS Apple Certified all in one video magnifier and reading system in the entire world. Our Patriot View Point is the widest field of view, brightest color and contrast, and easiest to use wearable ever created! The Patriot Voice EZ represents a breakthrough in design, having just 3 knobs. This allows us to bringing the joy of the printed word to the lives of our costumers in audio.

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Patriot Pro - The Blind Life


Building A New Computer Using Assistive Technology-Patriot Viewpoint


Patriot VRM - The Blind Life


Patriot ViewPoint - The Blind Life




Nicholas K.

I am writing this to you to tell you how happy I am that I have the Patriot Pro to use at school. It helps me see from long distances and when things are blurry for my eyes. I sometimes can’t see the board from my desk, so I use the device and zoom in on the board. I like how I have a lot of choices of how to better see the board. My three choices are: The magnifier, the iPad camera, or the wireless camera. I think that it is cool that when you are using the magnifier and take a picture, but someone is in front of it, it waits until they move and then it takes the picture. I can also use my school apps like Google Classroom and iReady. This allows me to change the size of the font and make it bold. The case is also very cool because it can move to almost any angle. It also has LearningAlly which i can read books on. I also use it when print is too small so I put it under the camera and take a picture so then I can see the paper and write my answers. The Patriot Pro has helped me with so many things all on one device.

Vicki W.

 “Oh my God, you are going to make me cry. This is the first time I am  able to see a persons face so clearly, like ever…well, since I was  twelve…everything is so crisp clear.”

Dr. Reinauer

 “Finally something I can recommend to my patients that uses their  periphery vision making central vision loss a non-issue.”

Jim N.

 “This beats everything I’ve seen to date including my E-Sight” 

Rye M.

 “Holy Mackerel – my home looks like this?! Honey – you’ve done an amazing job decorating!” 


 “Oh My God, give me a chance to catch my breath”

Janet K.

 “Oh My God – John I am telling you this allows me to see my music all of  it edge to edge and clear and bright. I can play again I can read music  again I can join the church choir Izvestia so dearly missed all this  time since Macular degeneration took that away from me” – 

Charles G.

 “I can read the print on your shirt! and your completely across the room?!”

Lynn T.

  “Mom may be 93 years old, but she has so much to enjoy watching the  squirrels and critters on our “farm home” and this is so much worth it  at this time of her life it’s yes yes yes!”

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